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    • Marcousik -
      Yes that would be great for a game with main >90% terrain=water like sea of thieves for example. And the pick capture will run yes, on the terrain. But I see 3 limits in this: > The limitation to one terrain for one map: So your game must be >90% water like sea of thieves maybe? > The Collision: Terrain collision is hard, I suppose water is should be soft; maybe you want to allow the player to plunge and go down in water, actually I used the terrain as "debug" for the
    • havenphillip -
      That's great how you just did the math on that and made it work. Would be cool to set an invisble texture on the terrain and then pick the terrain to make obects float above it at the water level. Would a terrain pick capture the wave height?  It's going to be cool to see stuff floating on this.
    • Marcousik -
      Nice. Velocity means adrenalin and adrenalin means good fun ^^
    • Josh -
      It is interesting because it is basically rocket-jumping plus puzzles. You can switch back and forth between action and thinking as the game progresses, without a very obvious transition. Half-Life does this a lot.
    • Slastraf -
      This game is going to be liked by speedrunners
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