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Mac version?

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Bought it today along with Modo Indie and Mari Indie. Will dual boot on Linux tonight. until a Mac version is released but will need to reboot into Mac and Linux back and forth since there is no Modo Indie version available for Linux.Thank you for creating such a great tool for indie developers. Looking forward for a Mac release in the near future.

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I'm tentatively planning to replace the entire UI, at which point Mac support would be much more easy, and we'd have a more consistent experience on PC/Mac/Linux. I don't really want to deal with Cocoa again.


Mac is a small percentage of the market, but in developer circles it seems like it's almost becoming the standard OS over Windows.

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I'd be highly interested in a mac version as well. I'd probably do a lot more development if there was a Mac Version. Right now, I hate going back and forth between windows. I could VM it I guess, but I suppose I'm being lazy ;)


Since there's a Linux version I was under the impression a Mac version would be along shortly, but it's been 2 years almost....

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15 hours ago, aiaf said:

Maybe this could help , seem  khronos group trying to do something about vulkan on macOS/iOS.


I looked into the MoltenVK SDK a year ago but back then it was a proprietary closed-source thing. I emailed them and asked about a license I could pass on to all Leadwerks users but they wouldn't give me a straight answer. I'm guessing Valve bought it so it could be used by everybody.

This is definitely something I will consider doing now. Thanks for pointing this out.


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