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Hello, i tried : printf("Hello"), cout << "Hello" , std::cout << "....", but nothing in screen, no errors but no text. I put it after rendering comands before flip . Have i to change some camera or blend mode or somthing like that ? thankyou

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Those are commands for outputting to the console window. Those are part of the C/C++ library not the Leadwerks library. Leadwerks has it's own functions for drawing to the Leadwerks window. It's been to long for me to exactly remember the LE 2.x commands. Maybe DrawText()?

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An excerpt from the old wiki: http://leadwerks.com/wiki/index.php/DrawText


makes me miss the old wiki style.

// 2d drawing
 int line = 0;
 DrawText(0,14*line,"FPS: %f, TrisRendered: %d, Light tris: %d [lights are only updated if something moves]",FPS(),TrisRendered(0),TrisRendered(1));line++;
 DrawText(0,14*line,"Hold P to debug Physics.");line++;
 DrawText(0,14*line,"Use WASD to move. SPACE to jump. Character controller airborne?: %s", ControllerAirborne(character)?"yes":"no");line++;
 DrawText(0,14*line,"Use the arrow keys and the right mouse button + the mouse to move/rotate the camera.");line++;

 // flip buffers

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DrawTex(cord y, cord x, "text") works, unfortunately it were useless for me. My intention is to find the childs names , so, the bones names of a model because i want to move a certain bone. FindChild is not finding the name and the bone exists with this name, and GetChild only finds one child with name ROOT. My model have 8 bones with their names so i'm very lost.


Anyway, thankyou very much for your time

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Use ModelViewer.exe and drill down through the model tree-control on the left until you find the bone you want (or not if they are missing). At least you can confirm what is in the model and identify any export issues you may (or may not) have.

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