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(forget this post.... discovered I downloaded the Express Windows version and not the Express Windows DESKTOP version which is supported on Windows 7.....)


Tried to install express 2013. Looks like it requires Windows 8 (did not like my Windows 7 64bit). Knows for sure that Windows 8 does not like my BIOS due to the secure boot stuff.


Any chance for a 2010 set of libraries to link to ?



Eirik Nesje

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Some hours ago i tried to install it too, I had the exactly same issue. I read in the internet that it would work when installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1 but I'm currently stuck after activating the windows 7 update system (no idea why i did this :/). It currently installed 148 updates and then after 2 restarts it said something failed... Then it uninstalled everything and yeah there I am the moment

Hope it works

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Anyone has a solution:

I downloaded vs2013 installer, ran it and it says I need a newer version of windows. Googled it, I need sp1 downloaded that. Started it and it said a service can't be started it 'may be deactivated or not installed' or something. In the internet I read about that I need a specific update that provides compatibility for further updates (it's named KB976902 or anything, not sure). I tried installing all the updates from windows update but after 2 fails 'can't configure updates correctly' I tried manual installing the specific update from a .msu file it aborted and sayed my system is not compatible or something... Now I'm sitting here and have no little idea. (I think everything has something to do that I installed Ubuntu some days ago, since then I couldn't choose aero designs (fixed that, had to start a system service manually). )


PS: my last idea was that a system recovery would work but it only shows me any error message that something isn't right configured or so >.>

God damn



Is there any possibility to use leadwerks 3.1 with vc++2010? Where are the differences and problems?

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Windows Desktop... :/


PS: when I run the sp1 installation I get the error 0x80070422 it seems that this means the windows update service is disabled but it's not. It's activated and started...



//anyone tested it with vc++2010? :/ (I don't expect it to work....)

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I had windows update deactivated completely for a long time. I received no updates then it seems Ubuntu maybe corrupted some part of the windows update system cause I always an error when trying to install the updates and then it reverses all changes....

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