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Leadwerks 3.1 Source and Binary for free download

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Hey guys. Leadwerks 3.1 Linux is released and I like to share it with people who dont like to pay for it. I think this will increase the userbase here a lot and leadwerks becomes more famous for sure. The package contains the normal binary files and the source code package. You can use it royal free for all your games in the future.


I also have added some new prefabs and 3D models (Trees, rigged and animated mixamo fuse characters, Switches, Weaponmodels) and some working open source shaders (Xray, Fog, DistanceFog, VolumeFog, Physical Based Shaders Pack).




1. unzip leadwerks3.1.zip

2. install with the precompiled binaries

3. replace the application file with the file in the "crack" folder.



you have to use a gnu compiler if you want to compile your own stuff (see readme.txt)


Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/2745023423123520/leadwerks3.1.zip





if you want to update the files use the autopatcher.sh or autopatcher.exe.

linux users try:

$ ./autopatcher.sh

You probably have to replace the file from the crack folder again with the application file.



please leave a note if this works for you.

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You got me lock, stock and barrel.... LOL April fools days and I fell for it big time... rolleyes.gif

I was driving with a friend and he said it is April fools day you know...


I had to delete my first post to help wipe the egg off my face...

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Even if it happends in reality will change nothing. If anything will contribute to leadwerks sucess. At some point valve was hacked and source code on internet. Do they look in a bad shape to you ? Windows deliberately allowed updates to pirate xp copies etc.

Nobody will build anything commercial with pirated stuff. And if they do they will get sued and money will be recovered 100 times.

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