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Scene panel : move object to Root/Parent

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In scene panel list, once again if you have s super long list of objects , if you have a child object you need to moe to the root, it is impossible.

Or you have to drag your object thousand times form object to object until you reah the top.



Would be great to have some sub menu function like : Move to parent

The obtject would move from parent to parent each time you would click that function.

And it woukd become child of root scene in the last case.

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I still think a "Move to root" would be nice. I'm not sure what a left/right button would do in this case. How do you see up/down working in this case also? I normally see those in ordering situations vs a hierarchy situation.


To be honest, the scene tree needs an overhaul. It has to be structured so differently to give a nice flow. Maybe allow us to make folders, which are only for the editor and have no game purpose? It just gets so sloppy with big scenes. This nice thing is this is only editor functionality and nothing to do with the game.

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If you created folders, it would no longer be displaying the scene hierarchy.


Although, at the root level, it wouldn't really matter. I suppose root-level brushes could go in a "Brushes" folder, and root-level models could go in a "Models" folder. Even if they have children not in that category, it would still make sense and clear the brushes out of your way.

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If you created folders, it would no longer be displaying the scene hierarchy.


Why wouldn't it? Children would need to move with parents and parents would need to move their children with them. Then we can create our own folders with our own structure that we like.

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Does this allows scrolling or moving objects to the root with sub menu option ?





The issues i see :

In practice we will not organise level in BSP/MODELS/ENTITIES

But lot more in some structure like that :


-> Street level

--------------> walls

----------------------> wall1

----------------------- -> wall2

--------------->Static NPC characters

------------------------> NPC 1

--------------------------- -> NPC 2


--------------- -> brush wall1

----------------- -> brush wall2

-----------------> decoration Model 1

---------------- -> decoration Model 2

---------------- -> house cat animal

etc ...


This is why separation in entities/brushes/models don't make sense in practice, as i would have some "house" folder containing all house stuff : brushes walls, decoration models , cat entitie etc ...


Let's people have the option to be free to organize their scene management.



The different entities get categorized automatically.


Let people option to not have their level stuff to get categorized.

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That's a much more complex task.



Even without folders, we can continue using actual system that allow us to organize like we want things

But like said we need some : "move to parent" sub menu otherwhise it's a pain to move objects (even on small scene, where the list becomes quickly long)

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