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Head bobbing problem

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Ive been trying to figure out why my headbobbing only really works when moving in a certain direction; east to west.

Heres a video of the problem. Notice that when I move in the direction of the crawler that it is working fine, but when I turn 90 degrees either way it stops working correctly.



here is my code

function Script:Headbob()
local bob = 0;
local jumpbob = 0
local speed = math.max(1,self.entity:GetVelocity():xz():Length())
if self.entity:GetAirborne() then speed = 0.1 end
self.swayspeed = Math:Curve(speed,self.swayspeed,10)
self.swayspeed = math.max(0.5,self.swayspeed)
self.amplitude = math.max(2,Math:Curve(speed,self.amplitude,20))
self.timeunits = self.timeunits + self.swayspeed*4*Time:GetSpeed()
local sway = math.sin(self.timeunits/120.0) * self.maxswayamplitude * self.amplitude
bob = (1-math.cos(self.timeunits/60.0)) * self.maxswayamplitude * 0.1 * self.amplitude
local campos = self.camera:GetPosition(true)

self.smoothedposition.x = campos.x
self.smoothedposition.y = Math:Curve(campos.y,self.smoothedposition.y,2)
self.smoothedposition.z = campos.z

self.camera:SetPosition(self.entity:GetPosition(true)+Vec3(sway*self.entity.scale.x,self.eyeheight + bob * 0.1,0))


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Change this:

self.camera:SetPosition(self.entity:GetPosition(true)+Vec3(sway*self.entity.scale.x,self.eyeheight + bob * 0.1,0))

To this:


self.camera:Translate(sway*self.entity.scale.x,self.eyeheight + bob * 0.1,0)


S.T.A.L.K.E.R. fan much?

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