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Leadwerks Dirt Texture Has Dots

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Hey. Just a bug, but not sure if its for everyone so didn't feel the need to post in the bug reports section. My texture for dirt (when texture painting) has dots in the corner. I am not sure how to fix it but it is annoying. I've checked the actual texture file and there aren't dots. Thanks for your time, Cody Mihelich

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Not sure if this is a bug, but the dots come from the normal map texture. I created a few of my own terrain textures (diffuse, normal and displacement), and i had no more dots at all.

The LE normal map textures for terrain seem to have transparency on them, which might cause it. My guess is that some parts are completely transparent, causing the black dots. Or, it is something else.

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Yeps, after a closer look, it does seem that there's a black dot visible at each corner of the texture. It doesn't seem to be the texture itself, but rather when the game is run. In the editor, i see no black dots at the corners of each terrain tile, but they do appear when you run the game.

There were also black dots (all over the texture, and not only at the corners) when using one of the LE normal map textures, and those dissapeared when i used my own normal map textures.

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