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Hey guys it's me again. I was wondering how one might implement a custom weapon. I know how to create models but my problem is I am not sure how to assign it to the char. Do I assign a bone where I want to have the char hold it? And can someone link me to a detailed Leadwerks 3 Custom Character tutorial? I have the character but I have no clue what to name the bones or how to have Leadwerks recognize the bones.


Thank you for your time,

Cody Mihelich

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Bones are entities. so you can parent a weapon to your hand bone.

You can lookup bones by using something like ..


Thank you so much! So would the game automaticly create a hitbox around my weapon?(Its melee) or would I have to add that some how.

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Just make a prefab containing :

-Weapon non collidable

-A BSP Box collidable as child of Weapon


In your character code : attach each frame the prebad to the hand of the character

Beware physic little box agains Cylnder character controller physics will work ? you must test it.

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