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13 hours ago, Josh said:


I will see what I can do about automating that.

Awesome video!  I have an idea for a new monster.  Set the crawler material to be invisible, but still cast a shadow so all you see is his shadow,

That's a pretty good idea! I might try that out

1 hour ago, Josh said:

When I post that same link I get an automatic embed. :huh:


I'm clueless as to why it isn't working for me. Perhaps there's a setting in the forum somewhere I've fiddled with at some point in time.

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Redoing my platformer from scratch using my own "character controller."  Ladders and moving platform are finished.  Placeholder graphics.  I did tile-based collision in my last project but this one uses rectangle collision so the ground can be any dimensions.  Makes the process from Max to Leadwerks pretty smooth.


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Finally, got it out of my head and made it "concrete", this is the ship where it all will happen, game "Celeste Incident", that is. My biggest and most complex model so far and I think it turned out ok. Now I have some frame of reference and atmosphere when thinking out the layout of my game levels.


Space Exploration Vessel "SEV Celeste"

Comako Heavy Industries Ltd.

Lenght:      351.8m
Width:        122.5m
Height:        62.5m






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Well, it does look cool ingame too! Not sure if this is the very first image inside my game (and not some test scene) here on the forums, it actually might be. And one of the very first images ever outside my computer. I've been very self critical and shy about my doings, but now I'm actually a bit proud of what I have accomplished. if you have determination, proper tools and kind, capable people to learn from (and time, of course) only sky is the limit :). Year ago I was no where near the place I'm now, I think I might actually manage to create working game someday! I can't wait to be able to publish a working demo, but it is still a long way to go...


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4 hours ago, GSFC_1 said:

core, this looks great, you should bake in an AO map 

Thanks! I had to Google what is AO map :lol:. If I understood correctly, it bakes ambient light to the texture. Sounds cool, I will look in to this in the future. But does not ambient light (in scene root) do the same thing? I had it turned off actually when taking that screenshot.

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Hi, No this is called "Ambient Occlusion". This will make a "shadow" texture where there some parts that are naturally occlude themselves. This is calculated from light coming from all direction as it was coming from the ambient light. I use often a "skylight" in 3DS Max to simulate this.

Here is a picture so you can see better what is a AO map:
Some engines are using shaders to try to simulate this: SSAO (screen space ambient occlusion). I don't know if these shaders are available. If not you could bake if from your 3D modeling application.

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