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Essscape! game compo entry ( download )


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NOTICE 1.03b uploaded - sorry I had the wrong compile online with my initial post.

Hey guys, today marks the day for compo entries for the syntaxbomb compo #15, I entered using the LE 4.6 engine. You are welcome to download my entry and if your previously registered on syntaxbomb ( no new accounts ) then send me a vote please!

Have fun, let me know what ya think.  Keep in mind this game was made from ground up in 45 days so it may be rough around the edges in some places. 

Download link and OS requirements : https://abinary.life/abl/   ( Windows PC / requirements on page )
Required dependancies : OpenAL ( included in installer )
Brief info about your game :Deploy plans to free henchmen from jail.
Any screen shots or video's : https://abinary.life/flarum/public/d/5-essscape-screenshots
Media information : Mostly my own, some from itchio and others from sketchfab & turbosquid
Trouble shooting and Support : https://abinary.life/flarum/public/d/11-trouble-shooting
Homepage : https://abinary.life/abl/index.php/ct-menu1-item2/ct-menu1-item3

*My host provider does not like outside linking so I can give no direct d/l link, you'll have to click the download button from within my site. Tyvm.

My job picked a hell of a weekend for me to go out of town on. Anyways, I'll be out for 2 days but back in time to play all the entries! have fun, and good luck guys.
If you run into any problems please see this page https://abinary.life/flarum/public/d/11-trouble-shooting
I feel I got it all bug free, I've played through it twice and had family members do the same. So should be smooth sailing. ( I hope )


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Thanks! glad you liked it.  I really had more planned for it but the thin timeline forced me to pencil out some really cool features I was wanting to put in.  Who knows, I may yet go back over it and add in the stuff that I didn't get to. My main priority is to get DefendTHIS released in April so if I do it'll be sometime next year getting back to adding to Essscape. 



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