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Metaverse for Gamers or Everyone?


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Facebook (aka meta) is trying to push everyday applications to VR, not just games like we have the most of right now. Do you guys think the average person will go along and transition to a VR workflow? Or will gamers remain the largest target group?

Also: first.

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Yes, gamers with a good budget will remain the target group.

Context Information Visualization
There is a reason that most graphs for displaying information are 2D.

As far as I know, most of VR headsets display text very bad and that alone makes it really unattractive for applications.
Displaying text or any UI element in 3D space has many limitations, such as Anti Aliasing and size and contrast. This will downscale the font of the text and make it look really bad. Also factor in deformation because of different viewing angles
Also the human does not actually view things in 3d but in some way still two-dimnensional but that is another topic.

I would not even want to sculpt stuff in it because of accuracy.

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 think that what meta proposes is not viable at the user level for example for latin america, where buying an rtx 3080 costs 6 months of salary without eating or paying rent.  For example I had until two months ago a gtx 150 of two gigas, now I have a gtx 1070 of 8 gigas, and both I bought second hand. 

On the other hand, I use a telephone coaxial cable internet connection, which offers me a download of twelve megabytes and 5.5 megabytes of upload. 

So I guess this will be a very closed business just like ps5 consoles or high end processors that not everyone can have.

And it is where we talk about the next generation of graphics, many are drooling thinking about last generation engines but fail to grasp that this great technology is focused on the cinema and that the common user can only enjoy in a Marvel movie. 

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