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Rotating a bone

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I have here a problem in the rotation of a bone retrieved with the FindChild command.

The thing is that when I use the Turn command, the bone rotates but then stops. 



self.boneHead = self.entity:FindChild("boneHead")

This only happens with X-axis rotation.

Any suggestions on this matter would be appreciated.

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This is a really hard thing to do and unfortunately it only ever works with upright bone models. 
I made spider legs but modeled them like this
place bone, do not rotate scale etc
extrude it to the top
Then it is possible to rotate them, but also only tested with setrotation()

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I was just here testing here and I was curious that you don't turn the bone with the turn command.

The thing is that I am collecting information from the bones to create the Ragdoll effect.

I also did the test with the zombie bone from the Leadwerks examples and the same thing happens.

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About the turn, I haven't used it as I needed to "snap" rotation in my case.
Alternatively, have you tried adding a simple box collision to the bone, that dont ollide with each other, make the bones a joint of some sort, and then apply gravity to make it a ragdoll ?

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Thanks, I have tried many prototypes and now with a fresh mind I will surely make a breakthrough.

The secret would be to create the ragdoll initially, have it somewhere on the stage and then rotate it and attach it to the character. 

Let's see how I do in this new attempt to resume my project :D

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