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Improvements to theme loading.

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I feel that all other widgets should use the theme set by the root Interface. I pulled the code from here and inserted the LoadColorScheme function and got the result below. I really don't want to go in and set the color scheme for all widgets! 

Colors should be pulled from the interface widget through it's gui pointer to the interface upon a new widget creation.



Also it would be nice to check what system theme the user is using on their Windows/Mac system along with an event when it changes. (macOS has support to shift themes based on time which I use.) You shouldn't have this automatically on your end, but a way to implement dynamic changing of themes would be appreciated! 

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If you load the color scheme right before the main loop it looks correct:


I made some changes to the way colors are initialized, and in the next build the colors will get copied from the interface colors when any new widget is created, so you can load the color scheme once and then create widget after that, and they will use the loaded colors.

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Neat. Is it possible to change the theme during runtime? Again it would be nice to have the theme of the app match the theme of the OS although there is probably no way to check this with a Linux desktop. An  event(s) for theme changing would also be nice.

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