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ComboBox demo

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The combobox widget is special because it involves use of an auxillary window to display the list of items. This build will detect the workspace area and not let the combobox list go out of the desktop client area. It will close the combobox when the window is focused. If you can find any way to mess up the behavior let me know.

I used UPX to pack this executable so it is a little smaller when zipped and less than 1 MB unzipped.



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Coudnt find breaking behavior.


Just one small thing:

Your screen shot is a good example, you can see the last item being shown just in half.

If you hover it , will properly show it and make the top item of the combo box show in half.

This depends on position of screen, i can create case where a another item exist at end and not shown until you hover bottom side


I suppose its just detail, if is the same on windows should be ok.


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That is the intended behavior of the listbox, but maybe the combobox should round the listbox size down to the nearest number of items. Good eyes.

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