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Ultra App Kit development  

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  1. 1. What next?

    • Mac / Linux support
    • C# / Lua support
    • Vulkan 2D graphics for games
    • I don't care, just give me the 3D engine

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In the context of UAK in a vacuum, C#/Lua (though it wouldn't be for me, I just know a lot of people would benefit).


EDIT: Should've added before, if the choice is on the table, I'd rather see the 3D engine before more UAK stuff.

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new script editor/better direct support for VS code
better shader workflow(getting lots of engine side bugs while working with shaders)
hair (alpha like leaves.shader but animated), outline shader for selecting things
terrain heightmap generator (from 1..n noise funcitons with custom arguments)

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When it comes to desktop UI's I generally don't get anything if it doesn't have some kind of visual editor. I would think you could make a visual editor with the UAK itself.

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5 minutes ago, Lethal Raptor Games said:

I've never used Linux before, but there seems to be a lot of people there who won't even give it a chance.

Some GTK devs hang out there I think. :D

Yeah, you have to basically force people to try anything new by giving them something they can't say no to. I'm not committed to capturing the Linux GUI market but when the 3D engine comes out I'm expecting death threats. The amount of hate you receive is actually a pretty good indication of how successful you are at any given moment. When LE3 was released I had people calling my phone in the middle of the night.

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The fact there is any discussion at all is a good sign. I post very rarely on Twitter or Facebook anymore, but it looks like Reddit is actually a good place for me to post and have it actually be seen.

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As much as I support Linux support, that thread right there just shows you that the average Linux developer isn't interested unless it's free/open source. 

I think the real attraction of this is for developers on Windows who can be certain they are one compile away from a linux version of their software.

You also have been battling with marketing paid software to a generation that don't remember big box stores for years and got everything for free. The reaction you got on reddit made sense with you asking money for proprietary software to a cult about Open Software.

Games for some reason are the exception for some reason. Hopefully when the engine ships, you'll get better feedback.

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I have some upcoming API changes planned. These are small things that I don't think will affect anyone:

  • SeedRandom renamed to Seed()
  • Thread::Resume and Thread::Pause are gone, since these don't work with POSIX threads
  • Added Thread::Start().
  • Added PATH_DOWNLOADS and removed all other paths except DESKTOP, APPDATA, and DOCUMENTS.
  • CreateThread() will start the thread immediately by default.
  • MOUSEREPEAT event and Widget::MouseRepeat are gone, since the slider it the only widget that uses this. I programmed the desired behavior into the Slider class which leaves the window class more lightweight.
  • The CursorBlink() stuff is moved out of the Interface class and just contained in the textfield class, since this is the only class that uses it.
  • Window::Close() will go what, use EmitEvent(Event(EVENT_QUIT)) instead.
  • Adding Display::ClientArea() which returns an iVec4 defining the usable area inside the screen, minus any bars the OS uses.
  • Adding Widget::SetFontBold()
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There is no such action as programmatically closing a window. There is no HitMouse() command either because it doesn't make sense.

Emitting a general QUIT event does not require a window. It's just a signal that says "I'm done". You have to have handling of this event anyways on Mac to check if the user has quit the app from the dock or menu.

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