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Switching animations for character ?

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  • khotan changed the title to Switching animations for character ?

Well, I need to all control my character for several animations as walking, running, jumping, climbing etc... . How to control and to rotate this characer at 90° to left or right? How to make a transition between walking to running and then back to walking by changing in C++ with interpolation if possible? What about the control for vertices from mesh and to make a expression on face of character ? I mean it all are all control behavior from character and making coding and controlled by C++ ?

This link is what I am looking for as inspiration :

Can you help me with example or make a pseudo-code to try and to understand it ?


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The Entity::PlayAnimation() method will take care of most of that. It automatically handles transitions between animations:

You can still rotate the whole entity while it is animating, the the animations will be played relative to the top-level entity in the model.

Vertex morphing animations are not supported, mostly because nobody has separate models for facial expressions. But you can manually move the vertices around if you do have that ready to use.

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