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Generating textures on-the-fly in C(++)


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Is it possible to get access to the pixelbuffer of a texture using the C(++) API. I looked through the documentation but couldn't find any method to allow me that. I read that it's possible in the Basic API but that isn't an option for me.

Is there a possible workaround? My project really needs the capability to generate textures procedurally and it would really be a pity if I couldn't use the otherwise easy to use Leadwerks Engine for it.


Thank you for your time and excuse my bad english.

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It's possible (I've done it multiple times), the workaround is by using OpenGL calls directly. (eg. glTexImage2D() etc,..)


..there is a good user written article on how to set-up and use OpenGL inside LE, so I'd start there first, and if you need further help with OpenGL just ask here

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It's possible if set texture as render target, than draw on it by using shader, just like any shader drawing on screen.


Here's my old demo test about it, it's in bMax, but i think it easy to convert to c++.




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