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Correct way to update physics for all FPS?

Andy Gilbert

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This is related too http://www.leadwerks...d-force-result/ but not directly so ive started a new topic.


In that thread Josh says:


It's better to call any physical functions like this in an entity or world physics update function, so it always gets called before each physics update occurs.


Could someone explain what that means?


As, ive noticed that trying my game on different computers results in different force results?


Im currently doing all calculations for physics then mulitplying the final force and torque by AppSpped.


But this obviously isnt the correct way as there somthing with the physics that i dont understand, the wiki states:



This will be called 60 times per second, regardless of framerate. This should be used for physics updates because the physics simulation will be interpolated and smoothed each frame. The physics callback is performed during the UpdateWorld() routine, but it might not be called each frame, or it might be called multiple times in one frame.


Ive looked at the example but its old and doesnt use the FW, so im not sure how i impliment it?


Plus i would rather understand i than just copy and paste it from an example.




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