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RocksHD - The production

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Hi I want to share a little teaser for my new model set I work on.

It will be called RocksHD and feature lots of new rocks, stones and cliff models for your game-world.

This time I really want to push it further and do the best I can with my current knowledge.


Each rock will be seamlessly textured, baked from a sculpted high-res ZBrush, have an individual 2048px texture map or a good looking repeating texture for the large cliff sets (maybe with decals to break up tiling).


I will use Nvidia physics in 3dmax to make landslides which look naturally fallen so you just need t odrop it into the editor and have natural looking geometry.

For now I set up a good workflow to bake my normals,AO and Cavity maps from it before taking it to Photoshop and viewport paint all teh stuff together. Like usually I will use it in my own projects so I don't want to produce **** for you. ;)





If you have any wishes you can add them here to the thread so I can take care and include them if its not a glwoing fantasy gem. ;)

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Nice references there. smile.png


Today I didn't had much time to work on the pack because of a project finishing but this evening I did the first batch of single-rocks and also a test for a dark lava-kind rock. I think it turned out like a meteroid or so. I like it for some reasons..don't know why. I could imagine it will do well with some others of this kind near a lava-stream.




I will now do some land-slides and large formations with them and turn to the next batch. Maybe the round river rocks from the photo or a batch of smaller to use as vegetation support.

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Here we go with the roundish grey rocks:





And the formations I wrote about some time ago. Looks great in a forest and its nice to hide. Stick some old and rotten trees between the trees and place some animated birds and you feel like in a national parc. :D


See also the other two lava-like rocks in the middle. My nice humanoid gives you a impression of scale.




Now on with the desert sandstones and some other cliff stuff and its finished! Leadwerks Engine will be released first because I can upload it here

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I'm not sure yet about the price. I think a bit more as the usual 20 bucks.

Mabe 25 to 30 - Turbosquid more of course....Its always hard to decide.


At least i lowered most prices this month on my shop permanently to normal numbers. Like 22€ to 20€ for the packs. Not because I dont sell them but I want clear numbers and not this 24,95...

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