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The World (test auto updater and "game")

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OK this has been updated. I didn't do the manifest (because that's the launcher program and would require a new setup for that). You should see 4 more DLL's in your base folder. 2 MS Visual C redistribs and 2 for OpenAL. That should solve the OpenAL problem. I uninstalled my OpenAL, verified the program fails because of that, then placed these 2 DLL's in the dir and now the app runs. You should also notice the default cursor has some red on it now. That's a test to making a change in a pak file.


Next will be to actually implement my player needs and their visuals.

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:) I guess because it seemed to work for him before I just can't think of a reason it wouldn't work for him again. I have a separate installation of this on my machine and that's where it worked so in that respect I was acting more as a user than developer :)
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Good morning,


the new Updater says "Current Version = 1" and "Web service result = CLIENT_UP_TO_DATE", strange.



// edit:

Rick you do use the.NET Framework, dont you ?

Do you use string operators ?

If yes, try to use invariant methods.


Maybe its a problem because i have german (qwertz, äüöß etc.) environment.



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@VicToMeyeZr, thanks for testing!


@Furbolg, ok would you be able to download the updated launcher version again: http://www.good-vs-bad.com/patches/TheWorldUpdater.rar


I bet it's the language issue. I'm using String.Compare() now and passing "en-US" as the culture so it should compare correctly "CLIENT_UP_TO_DATE". I took the message boxes out of this update also. There is a nice lesson for me when working with other languages :)

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I have also to mention that the checking process has a very long duration ( 5+ seconds).


Yeah it's not setup the best way. I need to change it to use background workers/threads but right now I just use a timer that fires off 2 seconds after the app starts, so that would be 2 of your 5 seconds. I was more interested in the update process than the UI at the time.


I'm at work now but the code I use is to simply get the result of the web service call, which is a string. If the string returned is "CLIENT_UP_TO_DATE" then be done with checking, else the returned string will be the address to the rar file and so it'll download the file and unpack it.


I was simply doing:


if(result != 'CLIENT_UP_TO_DATE") then download result


I switched it to use:


if(String.Compare(result, "CLIENT_UP_TO_DATE", true, new System.Globalization.CultureInfo("en-US") != 0) than download result




The more I think about this the more it's not making sense. Can't be a language thing as the result returned you saw in the messagebox is "CLIENT_UP_TO_DATE" and I have that value hardcoded in the if check. I wouldn't think any culture language issues would come from that as it's truely comparing the right data. So it makes no sense why for you the if check is failing but for me and some others it's not failing.

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Hi Rick!

Ok that sounds odd. I tried the following:

-deleted version.txt

-launched as admin

-placed the game + stuff in drive d:the world (from begin)

-disabled the antivirus/firewall (F-Secure)


I dont know why it dont runs on my system, the 0.01 update loads perfectly.




When 0.02 worked for you, can you maybe tell me which system config you have ? (windows, antivirus, firewall etc.)


my specc:

-Windows 7 HP

-Deutsche Telekom ISP

-F-Secure 2012 AntiVirus+Firewall

-Windows Firewall deactive

-Visual Studio 2008 Standard + 2010 Express (c++, c#)

-all Updates from VS/Windows

-all .NET Frameworks

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Wait, in your other thread you said it returned "Current Version = 1". Did it truely show 1 and not 0.01? Because that would do it since 1 is > 0.02 it wouldn't return 0.02 from the web service call. So something with the code that's reading the value from version.txt possibly.


For that I read the value in as string and convert to double with Convert.ToDouble(value) and assign to a double. I wouldn't think there would be anything cultural in that.

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Hi Rick your right, its "Current Version = 1" and it could be cultural because in german we have , as decimal separator, Maybe Convert.ToDouble fails with that ?


// edit:


Its denfinitivly the decimal separator, if i switch to english it works.


// edit2:


New cursor cool :) I spin like devil, can you reduce the turn rate ?

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Its denfinitivly the decimal separator, if i switch to english it works.


OK cool. I did see something from MS about this so will check it out.


New cursor cool smile.png I spin like devil, can you reduce the turn rate ?


If you toggle shift you can go from running to walking and rotating is slower, but yeah I'll adjust the turn speed. I might need to make that PC speed independant.

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Updated the launcher application:


- force US number separator (I think I have it right)

- offline mode error handling

- embedded a manifest that should force a prompt for highest available rights for the user (note not admin. trying highest available first and if that doesn't work will try asking for admin)



@Clackdor, I really appreciate you helping test with the Windows rights issues. Could you delete all the game data, re-download the launcher from the below link and then run NOT as admin and see if it prompts you for more rights when you run the launcher. Then see if that's sufficient rights to update the game?


@ Furbolg, As with Clackdor you've been an amazing help with testing the issues of other cultures for Windows. Could you remove the game data, re-download the new launcher and see if the message box has the decimal in the "right" place (0.01)?



New launcher application:



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