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Exporting LOD and Separate Collision


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I’m trying to export 2 LOD’s and a separate model for collision using exporter script for 3ds Max but I’m having problems. The reason I need a separate collision model is because it’s a short tree and I don’t want the leafs to have collision. When I export the model with 2 LOD’s and select a collision model it still uses the entire tree as collision.


I exported 1 LOD with a separate collision and had no issue and also exported 2 LOD’s without a separate collision model and had no issue but together it doesn’t work.


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1. Export the part you want to have collisions in .obj format.


2. Open phygen


3. Choose CollisionTree from the drop down box


4. Choose your .obj file you just made


5. Create the .phy file using phygen


6. Live happily ever after

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