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Using dll in BlitzMax

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Hi everyone!

I'm making some library now with C++. And I want to make it as dll. Is it possible to use it in BlitzMax.? I was trying to google this question, but all links Iv found lead me to BlitzMax forum. And it

doesn't work now.


Lets say I have some class with methods:

class myClass
public void myClas(string var1, Tvec3 var2){}
public void ~myClass(){}
public void someMethod(TVec3 var1, TEntity entity);


How should I wrap this class in bmax.


Thanks in advance.

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In the BlitzMax help under "Help/Language/Advanced topics/Interfacing with C" there is an example how to import a C++ class into BlitzMax.


Using this example you could expand it so that the cpp file loads the actual DLL where the actual C++ code is, so that the imported cpp file acts only as a interface header to the dll.


However, you could as well just write the whole C++ code in the cpp file which is imported by BlitzMax, since it would be faster code than if you compiled the DLL with Visual Studio, because BlitzMax uses MinGW C++.


Or if you want it even faster, you could write the DLL in MinGW Fortran, then load it with C++, and then import it in BlitzMax, and it would still be OOP through the whole chain :huh:

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