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Drawtext in VR, what am I doing wrong?

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First, I am very new to Leadwerks and very impressed with the functionnalities and quality of this engine. I bought the professional version mainly for VR purposes.

While experimenting with the VR demo project I wanted to have some text shown after I clicked the trigger button (added in the VRPlayer.lua), but nothing is showing. I used the same code in FPSPlayer and it does show. Am I doing something wrong?

if VR:GetControllerButtonHit(VR.Left + n, VR.TriggerButton)==true then
			context:DrawText("Test 1",160,70)
			local fh=self.font:GetHeight()
			context:DrawText(Test 2",(context:GetWidth()-self.font:GetTextWidth(text))/2,(context:GetHeight()-fh)/2-fh*1.5)

I am using the Oculus Quest 2 with a link connection. I see the proper controller models and can pickup the blocks and teleport around.

Windows 10, latest NVIDIA drivers, latest Oculus drivers/app, latest SteamVR.

Thank you very much in advance.


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