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Furious Frank Demo 0.03

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File Name: Furious Frank Demo 0.03

File Submitter: Marleys Ghost

File Submitted: 21 Apr 2011

File Category: Games




Furious Frank V0.03 Demo


Furious Frank V0.01 came about from my requirement to have a simple application in which to test code in my code archives from the last year. What was supposed to be a simple cleaning out the harddrive exercise got a little side-tracked. This version was achieved in about 14 hours on a Monday.


Furious Frank V0.02 is the 10 or so hours I have worked on it since. With the prospect of a whole 3 days ahead with nothing to take up my time, I wanted to get Furious Frank V0.02 uploaded and start on Furious Frank V0.03. It has so far taken the best part of 3 hours to wrestle out that which was required for this demo from my oh so tidy development folder.


I have coded the settings to make this still an easy "game", but as its still in development with feedback on the functionality and performance being more important, if you died in a few seconds then there would be nothing to report, except maybe "its too hard <sniff>".


When you die you die, so keep that health topped up. ;)





Mouse - Camera Look

WASD - Move

Left Mouse Button - Fire

Right Mouse Button - Launch Grenade

Reload - Key R or MMB

Run - Left/Right Shift

Gravity on/off - Key G

Sniper View - key Z

Screenshot - Key J

Music on/off - Key M

[AI]deBUG on/off - Key B

Pause App - Key P




Key 1 Toggles Antialias on/off

Key 2 Toggles Bloom on/off

Key 3 Toggles GodRays on/off

Key 4 Toggles HDR on/off

Key 5 Toggles SSAO on/off




Basic Application Launcher

New explosion handling system (80% completed, but removes ~90% of the issues in V0.01)

Bug Funeral Service

Fatigue Meter

Bug Detection Radar

SImple HUD (retains some simple development information at the top of the screen)

Auto-Reload and Manual Reload Structure

Limited Ammo (Bullets)

Limited Health

Ammo Powerup (periodically regenerates)

Health Powerup (periodically regenerates)

Basic Scoring System

Gamezone Barrier


Fixes & Tweaks:


Quite a few, leaving only, quite a few :)


Grenade Powerup is non functional at this time but an ample 200 grenades have been made available.


Other tweaks were made which related mainly to models/lods & textures.


Feedback is more than welcome, I am aware of a few thousand issues currently, and will address them in due time (reincarnation permitting that is lol).



Furious Frank V0.03






Zombie NPC's


Also, various minor "bug" fixes and patches. (leaving only a few thousand to go!!)


I am currently not able to find as much time as I would like to dedicate to this side project. You can use the Y and U keys to advance and reverse the ToD between 9.00AM and 4.00PM .. no point going past this as I have not yet sorted a torch or any "dark" time lights. The clouds will simply go about their business. The Zombies I have squeezed in at the last moment, they still need tweaking although I did manage to tie in the damage they inflict with their respective animation's (something I still need to do with the bugs).


I hope this weekend I can start to tidy up the code I just spent two hours making a mess of whilst doing this version. I have again left the settings on an easy level, you can now also select the numbers of bugs (1-8) and the number of Zombies (1-8) that will be active at anyone time, the default is 2 x Bugs and 8 x Zombies.


I have also changed the music (can hear Paul Thomas and Macklebee cheering lol). I am using a track created by xzessmedia which is available here.


Again, special thanks to Paul Thomas for his contribution to this little side project. Paul kindly integrated into Furious Franks source code one of his older basic cloud and ToD (Time of Day) systems. It will need tweaking for the project but it was most generous.


Feedback is more than welcomed.



Click here to download this file

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  • 5 weeks later...

Well, you are the first in over 100 downloads that has said they have had an issue running it, but all I can surmise from your description is it hangs when you try and run it. Without any further information its impossible to even speculate on what may or may not be wrong.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Sorry, forgot to be informative lastime. :)


Warning: Failed to load mesh "zip::c:/users/user/downloads/furious frank v0.03  demo/furious frank v0.03  demo/data.pak//data/models/mg_fps_pistol/smachlod1.gmf": Mesh loader failed.


I got it to work, I just kept pressing the button, and all of a sudden it started working. Weird.. <_<

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