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Importing Models Issue

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Hello LE Community!


I was unsure as to where to post this so this is where it wound up; I apologize if there was a better section.


Anyway, I've been having a problem with importing models into the leadwerks engine. I've been trying to figure out the issue with my artwork developers but no one can seem to come up with an answer.


Essentially whenever my artist develops a model in Autodesk 3DSMAX he uses the plugin to get it into GMF form (we've tried the converters that come with the engine but they all error out or crash when trying to convert .objs). The problem being when we get the model into the engine anything that he mirrored on the model ( such as railings or walls or anything that needs to be mirrored ) comes out messed up and out of place once its a GMF.


In other words: if he makes a model of a square room and he mirrors 2 of those walls to make them symmetrical then once it is turned into a GMF file those 2 mirrored walls would wind up wayyyy away from where they were in 3dsmax. I assumed this was an issue with the plugin for 3dsmax but after coming up with no results for the issue now I'm just confused.


Did anyone here happen to have the same issue and found a solution or am I just being a moron? haha...



Thanks in advance,


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Hi! Actually there is a topic 3d modeling. You should post any models related questions there. Anyway, if you use my exporter, then its really has some issue with mirroring. Its all about how 3ds max represents mirroring in matrices. Anyway to fix this just reset transforms of objects. For that go to Hierarchy panel, and press reset rotation and reset scale there. (or set reset transforms checkbox in the exporter settings)

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