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UU3D, is it really required?

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Hi guys,


I'm having some troubles with exporting certain models to my game with the standard tools + 3dsmax script. Since I hear a lot of you guys talking about Ultimate Unwrap 3D, I was wondering what can it exactly do for me (using Leadwerks)?


Is it a tool to convert models from 3ds (or whatever) to Leadwerks, or something different?


Thanks in advance.



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What kind of problem did you have with exporting from max? LE tools for 3ds max that I made work fine almost for everyone here.

There are a lot of very useful features in the exporter that you will not find in any other export pipeline.

Also I'm always ready to help :lol:

But Ive never seen your posts about your exporting problems. In almost 90 percents the problem is in a model and not in the exporter.

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Well. I made a simple map in 3dsmax of 2229 polygons. When I try to export it using the 3dsmax scripts , it either crashes in the editor. Or I can't see it.


I tried to split up the model in different parts. But they simply don't appear either. When I try to set their view-range property the Editor crashes instantly.


Now when I try to export it using UU3D. The model works fine (1 part). But it's all black, and it simply doesn't got any materials on it.


I've included the max files and such so you can try it yourself: http://www.xoti.net/stuff/uploads/ywa_map_1b_9fdf.zip


Thanks in advance. :lol:

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Your download link is missing the fbx file, which UU3D needs to read it in. You don't need the max/mat files though, it's only some undocumented binary garbage which only 3DSMax can read.

UU3D can import and export materials just fine.

Well, I tried to export to OBJ and then load it up in UU3D. That didn't work. Then I tried to export to FBX and import it in UU3D. But still the materials are missing.

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