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Afghan City project

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I have another project going on which I would like to show so far in todays snapshot.




My current job is to produce 7 city buildings with complete props and city set like pavement, vendor carts and so on. Goal is to take some beauty renders to show the capabilities of the engine as good as possible plus what can be done from an artistic point of view in a given timeline. Final images should look like a street in Afghanistan and all assets should be extendable to produce a mission area later.




At the moment the building texturing is done but misses a complete decal pass with dirt and grime plus the street stuff and props of course. I'll also try some GI pass at the end of the project and see what I can archieve. For the moment I'm doing attachments for the buildings and distribute them.

I have one and a half week left until deadline.




I need to do a lot of cables along the buildings and use splines but a more automated manner would be cool too. The Soulburn scripts (or was it haywood, hehe) have some Wire script which is nice but maybe more for longer wires. I also tried reactor but it looked a bit strange. Maybe I'll mix the three methods a bit until I doscover a tool with a "make-a-nice-cable-button".



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I like the last shot best. The random colors are very realistic, especially the blue painted wood. Reality isn't nearly as color-coordinated as games.


I would try to work more color into the buildings. I don't know why, but for some reason I want to see some trim with really garish orange paint and bright colors.

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Yeah I will do it with decals. Some worn plaster, cracks, decals and edges. Paint can also be add with decals. Still trying to figure out how to use efficient GI for some cases. But this will be last step. :unsure:

Plus all textures are just diffuse maps at the moment. I think I'll get a bunch of work done today with wires and attachments.

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Here is an example of decals I was talking about. No problems with this setup in Leadwerks. :D


post-6-048742200 1284288867_thumb.jpg


I attach them to the walls with a little bit space between the decal and the wall.

post-6-050754900 1284288864_thumb.jpg


Ned to fix up some stuff and these are just paint decals. But you should get the idea what I mean.


The material is this:



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After some more work on the city I'm coming to an end. Made props today and placed wires. Tomorrow there is some more modeling on my To-Do list plus the final Leveldesign. I would love to see the level poppulated with cars and people but this was (unfortunatly) not part of my task.


I also had some fun with panorama images. So I just took screenshots with "print screen" key pasted into Photoshop and let "Photomerge" (it's part of Photoshop) do some work. I had to cut the result because of roundings on the merged screenshots. Thats why it's so small in height.


Those tryouts had the background of doing very high-res screenshots suitable for print media in A1/A2 format or 10.000k pixels. I can render the buffer to a screenshots so I also get nice AA if I crop the image later.







For just one try it's not bad so I decided to share the result plus you see the current project state. :lol:

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Thanks for the great responses to our new released project! After some considerations about the assets of the Kabul City it's now available for sale. The possibility to release such high-quality assets to the community is very rare because of the nature of contracts.


There are 25 models in total - including 7 buildings and 18 props - for only 89,95 EUR. This is only 3,59 EUR for one model. The offer is limited until 10th of October so make sure to save your 40 EUR now because after this period the Afghan City Environment will be 129,95 EUR.




Even if you think you won't need the model pack right now it's a "nice have" because even non-artists can evaluate new engines, code or whatever with AAA assets and advanced material setup to have compairsons.




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