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..camerazoom<->foreground world relationship..

Naughty Alien

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..im wondering what is relationship between camerazoom and foreground worl I create..im asking because, if i set camerazoom different than default(1), every entity belong to Foreground world is displaced, and not on proper, original place (particles, fire, water, etc..)..so, what should I take a look at in order to fix this issue?


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I use SetZoom with framewerk this sets the camera zoom for all 3 worlds at the same time. Have not noticed any probs with it so far.

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Yes, Framewerks.SetZoom(..) if you're using Framewerk.


Just to elaborate a little. Framewerk uses three render worlds, one for your scene, one for the skybox and the other for reflections. CameraZoom(...) only works for the currently active world.


And the default FOV is about 90 degrees for a zoom factor of 1.0 (there's a way of calculating zoom for any desired FOV which was on the old forums, shouldn't be too hard to dig it out if required).

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