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Auto update in-editor Models

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When you save a file outside of the editor and return to the window, your updates or replacement of the file should reflect the new model. This is invaluable when porting assets from Blender where you are constantly making tweaks to the texture, and can save hours of time.


This can be done In several different ways:


- Iinitiating an event when the player re-enters the window. Then checking a Base64 encoded byte hash of the file, comparing both.


- Use a filewatcher and detect an updated file event

LINK: Windows FileWatcher


- Give a squirrel a hammer and update each time it smashes your hard drive.


That is how many source code development suites compare files, including 'FileGrabber', an in-house backup program at my work. I'd really like to see something like this implemented in the near future, as it would speed up the content pipeline to production.


If the Unity editor can do it, I'm sure Leadwerks can as well.

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