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How to generate gravity?

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On 12/11/2020 at 2:29 AM, Robert_d1968 said:

Hello there. Im making a PVP game and I have made a moon in the game for PVP purposes.  The only catch is that when you go towards the side of the planet. you fall off of it.

Is there anyway to generate gravity in a model of the moon?

Thanks for any help you can provide,


I don't understand this. Gravity would point towards the center of the planet, so how can you fall off it?

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Thanks for the idea. I will try that one out.


PS I do however foresee a problem with that, as it will be a multi player game and rotating the planet may put other players on the side of the moon.

That may make them fall off the moon also.  But it will be something I will try out.

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The old Windows Game Programming for Dummies came with a demo disk. On it was a 2d game with planets where you'd fire things and they had gravity behaving the way you're describing. Unfortunately, the game was named something that's also a popular name for other games. Of which I forgot the exact name of. I believe it was "Deadlock", even though that's also a 4x game that I happen to have played as well.

If anyone can find that game, you might have a lead on the type of math you need. Of course, it's just math, and if you can recreate a gravity equation, which I believe is the same as the magnet equation, (Force in relation to distance, something squared, blah) or just fake it by creating a fall-off distance where the force is greatly reduced after N units or something, you should be good.

Long story short, your problem is a math problem and you may be forced to dive into trig at the easiest, calc otherwise, and there's no getting around. Find someone who can do the equations if you can't, or go watch the tuts on game math throughout the internet. I admittedly only have surface knowledge of linear alg and whatever calc from HS.

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