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(Solved) Is possible use "PlayAnimation" starting from specific frame???

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Hello there again team!!

I have an animated 3D model with 2 animations:

  • IDLE or STAND (frames: 0 to 400)
  • TALKING (frame 0 to 950)

And with a version of SimpleAnimation.lua like this:


function Script:Start()--in

function Script:CambiaAnim()--in

With this script I can change the animation ok.

But I need change animation from IDLE to TALKING and TALKING animation start from frame 450.

Can I change the animation of my model starting always from frame 450? Is possible?

Thank you very much!!

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56 minutes ago, Marcousik said:

idk if you can use frames for this, i'm not sure. But you could try using a timer by testing (for example:)

if Time:GetCurrent() - self.FirstAnimStarted > 2000 then -- <start second animation>

Thanks Marcousik!!

I like the idea, but I'm not sure if it works for me in my specific case.

The animation is changed by pressing a button. From the IDLE animation (animation1) it goes to the TALK animation (animation2) and it starts at frame 0.
It would be very useful for me to get the TALK animation to start at frame 450 the same moment I push the button.

Anyway i will try this idea. Thanks!!

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2 hours ago, Thirsty Panther said:

You could split your Talk animation in two.

Talk 1 animation 0-950

Talk 2 animation 450-950

Then just call the animation you want.

Thirsty Panther nice to read you too!!

I love you man!! This save my day!!

I didn't know that I could extract fragments of the animations openen in the *.mdl models from ASSETS tab!!

Now i have "Talk2Ticket" animation for my model, and the full "Talk" animation for other actions ingame.

Works great!! Thank you very much!!

For other people if they reach this thread with the same question:


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  • Russell changed the title to (Solved) Is possible use "PlayAnimation" starting from specific frame???

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