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Fog with C++ and loading a map << solved

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I worked the half day on that problem and I think I  give the information to everyone who also has this problem with fog.

In the Editor fog looks a little bit like fog.

Without implementig fog in C++ source, no fog is visible in C++.

Loading a map after craeting a camera only a touch of a color is visible in the very far, and fog is not working as it should.

I mean with map not a terrain, I loaded a map with only a plattform and some prefabs.

I have not tested with terrain.

So load a map before creating a camera. Nothing works correct if you not do that.


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I must make first a few tests, identify models from map and vegetation from map if this is possible.

I need also different spawn points for the camera, it would be the best I implement a developer class for programming and grab them out for release versions.

In this map I used I have not set a camera and no player, only the map itself.

I posted that only for C++ users which have that same problem and did not find anything in the search function.

But anyway thank you for help and suggestions.

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  • Josh changed the title to Fog with C++ and loading a map << solved

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