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Leadwerks C++ Noob here...

So I'm programmatically creating a bunch of floor tiles out of PolyMesh for my player to walk around on, and it works great except for one strange behavior.

When I call Translate() on my tile Model class it slowly erodes/squishes the PolyMesh data until it is gone completely, and then my player just falls through.

If I don't translate, no problem. I looked into the docs a bit and I see that PolyMesh isn't recommended for moving objects. However when I try the same with ConvexHull() I am getting no collision data at all.

My tiles are basically small flat planes created from 2 triangles to make a rectangle.

On create...

 * Generate a cTile
 * ofs of entire tile position from center
 * dim is width and length|depth
Model* make_ctile(Vec3 ofs, Vec3 dim) {
	Model* cmodel = Model::Create();
	cmodel->SetColor(1., 1., 1.);
	Surface* csurface = cmodel->AddSurface();//Surface::Create();//
	Vec3 dn = Vec3(0, 1, 0); // up
	csurface->AddVertex(-dim.x, 0, -dim.y, dn.x, dn.y, dn.z); // bl
	csurface->AddVertex(dim.x, 0, -dim.y, dn.x, dn.y, dn.z); // br
	csurface->AddVertex(dim.x, 0, dim.y, dn.x, dn.y, dn.z); // tr
	csurface->AddVertex(-dim.x, 0, dim.y, dn.x, dn.y, dn.z); // tl
	// CW
	csurface->AddTriangle(2, 1, 0); // tr, br, bl
	csurface->AddTriangle(0, 3, 2); // bl, tl, tr
	Shape* cshape = Shape::PolyMesh(csurface);
	return cmodel;


On update...

for (int i = 0; i < tilex; i++) { // Pull tiles
   tiles[i].tile->Translate(0, 0, tile_speed);


Included is a view of the collision working when there is no translation, and also a view of the collision failing after translation has started.

I also included a screenshot of the output when I use ConvexHull to generate the shape, which seems to not have any collision data whatsoever.

Shape* cshape = Shape::ConvexHull(csurface);// PolyMesh(csurface);


I'm not really sure what to try next.




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I never built meshes by code myself, but it sounds like the surfaces isn't being "collapsed" to the model. There should be a command to solidify/lock the matrix. I'm currently not at my PC, but I suggest to look at Model.h to see if there is a command to recalculate the surfaces.

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