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Game tutorial yes/no/maybe

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Tutorial are really hard to do right ... been reading about this

Next in line i will research how the tutorials are done for the classical rts.

I remember homeworld and how the tutorial was the linked with the launch of the mothership and several system/weapons tests, that was nice.


Really have a big problem to explain my game , is a rts but have lot of mechanics that are not obvious.

If i try to explain everything it will take hours.

4 years into development i dont have the patience anymore, if i continue to try do things perfect it will not get released.

So i took shortcuts and hope will be enough.


At the moment im working on this plan:

  • PDF manual
  • hints in the user interface at beginning of game (for example blinking text that says Build a scanner, Build a jumpdrive)
  • howtos articles in the game menu with lots of text (ex Howto mine, Howto navigation etc)
  • extensive help section accessible all time


If i could talk to my past me , i  would have tell to bloody pick a game type that doesnt need a tutorial..

Wanted to start a discussion about this subject ,

anyone else with problems like this ?











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Another idea is to limit the players options in the early missions.

Move tanks to enemy bunker and destroy.

Next mission. Mine x amount of minerals,build factory, make 2 tanks and destroy enemy.

Next mission Mine minerals, build radar station, upgrade factory, build helicopters then destroy enemy.

Each mission expands on the previous giving the player a reward for completing a mission as well as driving them into exploring the game further.


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I think 4 years or longer is ok for development if you develop alone. It may not take so much time to create features but to make them run smooth and without altering performances, that's what can cost much much time, but will be very appreciated after.

About tutorial I find as the game developper difficult to evaluate correctly on what exactly is the tutorial pertinent to be made.

That may sound crazy but all aspects of the game are so well known after creating them that I loose the distance to evaluate which features should be presented as tutorials and which not. Because too much tutorials is not good too, just like not enough tutorials let the player get lost and quit.

My idea was to use the possibility to make near the "Campaign start" button in the main menu a "tutorial" button that leads the player to a smaller map with the simplified features of the game implemented in small quests.

Tutorials are good but the player should not get the feeling he has seen everything from the game after the tutorials. I had this too yet. After I undrestood and tried the main game mechanics, why should I play the rest of game? Silly feeling.

Tutorials are really nothing simple.

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it took 4 years because i do this in my free time , which is not much lately ... i tried to create a nice look and feel without much textures.


You do have some good points, Thanks

Seems like somehow embedding the tutorial in the story is good idea , here is from starcraft 2:

So much time has gone intro this that's its not even funny to compare to what i have :)

Anyway i think mistake was to not think about the tutorial from the beginning , i will definitely take this into consideration for next game.


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