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VR - SetOffset Rotation

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Hi All!

I've been trying to implement free locomotion in VR and learned quite a bit in that process. First a question:

Is there a way to set a VR Offset Rotation value in a similar way like VR: SetOffset(vec3) either way through Lua (which I very doubt) or maybe C++ through openVR library? (If so, how?)

The lack of above function causes two problems:

- One is the inability to implement snap turn in Roomscale mode (Any attempt to "set" the camera seems to be ignored)

- The second one is that in Seated mode, whenever I try to manipulate the player camera and adjust the VR Offset accordingly, after turning the camera "in game" the vr offset is completely off (as It can't be turned). 

Please help guys, as it is a dealbreaker for my project :(

Kind Regards:


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Here's the syntax:

        static void SetOffset(const Vec3& position);//lua
        static void SetOffset(const float x, const float y, const float z);//lua
        static void SetOffset(const float x, const float y, const float z, const float pitch, const float yaw, const float roll);//lua
        static void SetOffset(const Vec3& position, const Vec3& rotation);//lua
        static void SetOffset(const Vec3& position, const Quat& rotation);//lua


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