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Small Code Demo

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I've decided to upload a demo of what I've been working on for the past 6 months (more if you count the old code I scavenged). The scene and app code is very basic but there is a lot going on here.

  • A folder will be created in your Documents folder that'll save the settings, key/joy bindings and the logfile.
  • The app uses SDL2 for controller detection and handling.
  • If you run the batch, Fullscreen mode will enable.
  • Sounds are preloaded from json scripts.
  • Although not shown/used, An entities physics properties can be changed via a script definition.
  • Game takes input on actions which are defined by json scripts saved to your documents file.
  • FPS player can walk, crouch, jump, and zoom.
  • There is a weapon system in the works. If you touch the sphere prop, you'll get 6 hemispheres in front of you. This is a developer 'weapon'; kind of like my own version of weapon_cubemap.
  • Plenty of actors are in this build, just not showcased.
  • Core code is compatible with Leadwerks 5. As for the game stuff - sorta.
  • Everything is written in C++! Actors attach with the help of Lua, and scripts are json files.


  • SDL2 has failed on some computers during previous implementations. This time I only use SDL2 for controller input and it works so far. If it doesn't work I'll just disable the define.
  • No Linux build yet. It should compile, just need to set the projects up.
  • If you have dual monitors, don't use fullscreen as the entire window might stretch across all displays. I'll have to look into border less windows.
  • There was GUI working, but I thought of a better way of implementing it. I had it set to the window class when I should be setting it to the world class or the camera class.Issue with doing the GUI in the camera is that the camera gets deleted per world-Clear().  could do some nasty stuff to prevent it, but I think I'll just leave it be and do the GUI in the world class.
  • If you run in fullscreen, you can press the END key to end the program.

Hopefully it works!


Edited by reepblue
Added the note about the END key.
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