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One more try.

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A new year, possibly a simple game, that's the goal. But the first step is to consider and accept my limitations both in hardware power and knowledge.   I was trying to learn Shaders, but I guess everything has a limit, and it's time to create something with what I know. Something very simple. So here's a preview. Although Leaders is great I always get to a point where my computer gets into bottlenecks, so let's take the old BlitzMax tools, and create something simple and fun. I think it's time, although I've really tried many times, it seems that this will be the change of learning how to create something. Always grateful to Josh for this space. 

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Working on the rear suspension of the vehicle. There's the model of the vehicle, two springs and two wheels.  On the two springs the shock absorber system is set from the vehicle chassis, and from each spring the engine of each wheel is set. Spring and hinge joints are used.


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I have the system as perfect as possible, the next step is to play with suspension settings and have something nice. 

From the video I had to rewrite all the code, due to errors in the implementation of joints. Now everything seems to work fine, and by putting engine in the wheels, the car goes forward or backward as expected.



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I have been looking into the issue of probes, and they are only possible in directx above 9. I understand then why my computer has good performance with directx 9, with other things like opengl 4.6 or directx 12 the performance is quite affected.

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Hey Yue, some few ideas I can tell you, but do as you want:

- you may win more stability for your car by faster driving if you set this  on all the 4 axis of the car in the UpdatePhysics() function:



- I saw you use SetSpring() - I can tell you I tested this for hours and could not get good result by faster driving. I think it is actually much better with SetMotorSpeed() on the sliders joints.

- Do you use the Update(4) in your main ?

That is more or less what you can get using this, fast with no shake: https://youtu.be/1o5ZiMU4SVQ


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