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I haven't managed to pin point this issue yet but sometimes I have to press keys multiple times before it registers.  My fps average between 40 to 60 and it happens when I use Window::KeyHit().  KeyDown() has no problems. Has anyone else had similar issues to this?  I was wondering if it was something to do with low fps and it didn't detect the key in some frames?

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for (int id = 0; id < 256; id++) {
	MainFrame::window->keyhitstate[id] = false;

I think this was the cause.  I can't remember why I was doing this though... I need to write more notes on my code...

My only guess as to why this was the problem is that some key-presses are being picked up after a KeyHit() check is being made?


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This is what I was trying to solve with resetting the hit-state.-

Vec3 mpos = window->GetMousePosition();

if (mpos.x > 500) {
	if (window->KeyHit(Key::R) == true) {
		int test = 0;
else {
	//If mouse.x is less than 500 and the key is pressed nothing happens.  however if you then move your mouse to greater than 500, they key is detected as hit.

I think FlushKeys() was resetting keydown events too... I'll have to retry that and check...

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