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Hello guys..it has been quite some time since i was lurking this waters, but here I am again..Josh managed to send me password for my account as, for some reason i couldnt access it..i see many familiar faces still kicking around and that makes me very happy..im thinking to join back again, but before i do so, i will study about options available here and whats going on, what is low end hardware supported and what are targets system can run on, etc etc.. I see that new engine is coming so im not sure which path to take, anyway, im back..:)

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Welcome back!  It is a bit of a weird time between Leadwerks 4 and Turbo but Josh just squashed a bunch of bugs recently for 4.  Turbo is supposed to be a lot faster than Leadwerks (especially for bone animation) but I don't know if that applies to lower end systems.  That said, it'll be a while (not this year) until Turbo is released.

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54 minutes ago, cassius said:

Welcome back.I think Josh intends to keep le4 going even after turbo comes  along . Maybe someone can confirm that?

L4, I think it will come to the brink of a 4.9 version and then release a version of the final Leadwerks that will apparently stay in steam for a while. It's just the ones I perceive.  

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..so what is the difference between LE3.2 i used last time, compared latest version? I would like to hear from folks who used older version of LE and they do use current one, to demistify/compare differencies for me.. 

-media(static/animated meshes, particles, collision, etc) pipeline

-physics (which physics engine is used) 

-programming options (standalone options only, without injected scripts)

-shaders, how is it working now, in terms of loading and applying inside scene, etc

-target platforms LE natively support

-license scheme


I also have no idea which version is best to get at this point. As i can see in store, there are few options, and at same time, it seems there is some new upcoming version which renders previous versions obsolete?? I would like to know more about this. 

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You may be best served for changes by scanning Josh's blog: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/blogs/blog/1-joshs-dev-blog/ and/or the Leadwerks blog: https://www.leadwerks.com/community/blogs/blog/41-leadwerks-company-blog/

To answer some of your questions:

Media: FBX - you can create custom collision shapes in your 3D program or autogenerate in the editor.  The editor has a particle editor but I haven't used it (I code my own)

Physics: Newton

Programming: Lua with Standard purchase, C++ (or a combination of the two) with Professional DLC.  I don't know what injected scripts are

Shaders: you can add them in the editor to any map and/or via code

Target Platforms: Windows and Linux

License: One-time purchase and free to release without any royalties.  Turbo is unreleased and I don't believe there was a final decision on the price structure.


The versions really come down to the following:

Standard License - only allows coding with Lua

Professional License (DLC extra to Standard) - also allows C++ coding

Enterprise Edition - Steam-independent version of the above two.

Turbo - a monthly subscription which allows you to try the upcoming engine in its early form

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..FBX support is very nice..so, in old version we have had some small tools to convert various formats to gmf , like 3dstogmf.exe and so on..so, in new version, if im not using editor, how can i load FBX directly to code? I understand that editor converts FBX to MDL and thats whats actually loaded in to editor?? So, in case direct load from code, what is used, MDL or FBX? What is the low end hardware that current LE runs smooth?

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I use the mdl, my current computer is an e5400 intel processor with two cores and a gtx 1050 graphics card, however it has run on an i3 laptop that has a built-in graphics chip, but from my point of view is the fastest in the market that I have achieved, in relation to Torque, Unity, Cry Engine, and so on.

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LE4 code only loads MDL but the tool you mentioned (or something similar) still exists in the Tools folder (along with other converter EXEs), so you could probably use that from your own program.  Leadwerks can also create triangles on the fly so you could implement your own model loader to some extent but I don't know about texturing or bones.

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