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Not sure if I'm using these right - is GetObjectA() the correct one to use?

auto _interaction = new Interaction();
entity->SetObject("interaction", (Object*)_interaction);
auto test = entity->GetObjectA("interaction");//retuns NULL

I've been using SetUserData() previously but I need more than one object assigned to an entity.

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17 minutes ago, Lethal Raptor Games said:

I've been using SetUserData() previously but I need more than one object assigned to an entity.

Then you should be able to make the user data that you set a list of objects that you can add/remove from.

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A script must be assigned for an entity to contain script properties. Quick test:

#include "Leadwerks.h"

using namespace Leadwerks;

int main(int argc, const char *argv[])
	Leadwerks::Window* window = Leadwerks::Window::Create();
	Context* context = Context::Create(window);
	World* world = World::Create();
	Camera* camera = Camera::Create();
	camera->SetRotation(35, 0, 0);
	camera->Move(0, 0, -6);
	Light* light = DirectionalLight::Create();
	light->SetRotation(35, 35, 0);

	//Create a model
	Model* model1 = Model::Box();
	model1->SetPosition(-1, 0, 0);
	model1->SetColor(0.0, 0.0, 1.0);

	//Create a copy
	Model* model2 = (Model*)model1->Copy();
	model2->SetPosition(1, 0, 0);
	model2->SetColor(0.0, 1.0, 0.0);

	//Lets modify some vertices to show the copy is unique
	Surface* surface = model2->GetSurface(0);
	surface->SetVertexPosition(0, -0.5, -2, -0.5);
	model2->UpdateAABB(Entity::LocalAABB | Entity::GlobalAABB);

	model1->SetObject("TEST", surface);
	auto a = model1->GetObject("TEST");
	Debug::Assert(a == surface);

	while (true)
		if (window->Closed() || window->KeyDown(Key::Escape)) return false;


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