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Shadmar's rain shader?

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Thanks, dude. You got me started off in the right direction.

#version 400

//Ma-Shell +
//https://www.shadertoy.com/view/ldsGDn +

uniform sampler2D texture1;
uniform float currenttime;
uniform vec2 buffersize;
uniform bool isbackbuffer;
uniform mat4 projectioncameramatrix;

float time=currenttime/1000.0;

out vec4 fragData0;

vec2 hash22(vec2 p){
    vec2 p2 = fract(p * vec2(.1031,.1030));
    p2 += dot(p2, p2.yx+19.19);
    return fract((p2.x+p2.y)*p2);
#define round(x) floor( (x) + .5 )

vec2 wetGlass(vec2 p) {
    p += p * 0.1; // distort drops
    float t = time;
    p *= vec2(.025, .025 * .25);
    p.y += t * .25; // make drops fall
    vec2 rp = round(p);
    vec2 dropPos = p - rp;
    vec2 noise = hash22(rp);//randomizes drop placement
    dropPos.y *= 4.;
    t = t * noise.y + (noise.x*6.28);
    vec2 trailPos = vec2(dropPos.x, fract((dropPos.y-t)*2.) * .5 - .25 );
    dropPos.y += cos( t + cos(t) );  // make speed vary
    float trailMask = clamp(dropPos.y*2.5+.5,0.,1.); // hide trail in front of drop
    float dropSize  = dot(dropPos,dropPos);
    float trailSize = clamp(trailMask*dropPos.y-0.5,0.,1.) + 0.5;
    trailSize = dot(trailPos,trailPos) * trailSize * trailSize;
    float drop  = clamp(dropSize  * -60.+ 3.*noise.y, 0., 1.);
    float trail = clamp(trailSize * -60.+ .5*noise.y, 0., 1.);
    trail *= trailMask; // hide trail in front of drop
    return drop * dropPos + trailPos * trail;

float rain(vec2 uv, float scale, float time)
    float w=smoothstep(1.0,0.0,-uv.y*(scale/10.0));
    if(w<0.2)return 0.0;
    vec2 s=floor(uv),f=fract(uv),p;
    float k=3.0,d;
    k=smoothstep(0.003,k,sin(f.x+f.y)*0.01); //particle size sort of
    return k*w;

void main(void)
    vec2 uv=(gl_FragCoord.xy/buffersize);
    if (isbackbuffer) uv.y = 1.0 - uv.y;

    vec2 position = ( gl_FragCoord.xy - buffersize.xy* 0.5 ) / buffersize.x;
    float angle = atan(position.y,position.x)/(0.5*3.14159265359);
    vec4 color = texture(texture1,uv);

    float c=smoothstep(1.0,0.3,clamp(uv.y*.3+.8,0.0,.75));

    vec3 rainfall=(vec3(c));

    uv += wetGlass(gl_FragCoord.xy/1.5);

    fragData0 = texture(texture1, uv)/1.5+vec4( rainfall.r+color )*.3;


rain and drops.png

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It's a cool effect. Thanks to Ma-Shell for posting it. I think the only collection of shaders currently is in the workshop. I'm thinking of starting a thread where I post a shader a week for a year, 52 shaders, then putting it in the workshop so there's a collection of shaders somewhere. I'm weighing it out. Just don't know if I'm good enough.

I did develop this a bit if you're looking for a whole wet look:


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That would be great if he did. Otherwise I wonder if all that work would be kind of obsolete by the time LE5 comes out. I'd get in the practice, though.

I'm trying to make a list of shaders if you have any ideas.  I want to be reasonably sure I can do it before I commit to it. 52 shaders turns out to be a lot to think about lol. And  I don't want to just make goofy little shaders like "procedural checkerboard" or something. I want to make things people might actually use - stuff I would use.

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Awesome .How is it so far? Exceeding expectations? The vibe I'm getting is that it'll be too complicated for someone like me and there won't be any help, so I won't be able to get anywhere with it. I just can't pay $700 for something like that. Looks like it's going to be amazing, though.

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For me, I'll never look back at LE4.  It's super fast.  Can handle so much more scene complexity.  Actually I'm under the impression that it will be more documented and supported than LE4.  There's a few new things to learn with shared pointers, and the fact the engine is multithreaded.  But overall it's pretty rad.   For the shader side of things it's not hard to grasp.  I'm actually 80% through a node editor for shader development in LE5 which will make it even easier.

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