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I just upgraded to 2.3 from 2.0 although I was away for a while.


When I load the editor from the main SDK folder it loads fine and I can do all kinds of cool stuff with it... awesome...


I have created a c++ template project which when built results in the following structure


Project Dir : [drive]/Projects/C++/Leadwerks/2.3/TestProject

Build Dir : [Project Dir]/bin/Release
   Contains the project .exe and all required dll files

Config Dir : [build Dir]/cfg
   Contains the config files for my game (none so far)

Media Dir : [build Dir]/media
   Contains the media files for my project sorted into folders as required


Ideally what I want is for the editor to pick up on the contents of the media directory for this project so that in the selection tree display on the right I get both the normal entities (lights etc) and the stuff in the media folder of the project I am working on.


What do I need to do to achieve this. Is it as simple as the editor loading the media on the abstract path from the currrent scene file or do I need to change some config?


I really want the entities displayed in the editor to be relevant to the project I am working on to avoid confusion because I sense things are going to get quite busy once I have a lot of test sub-projects on the go. For example I don't want to store everything centrally because then I end up having all my trees and buildings listed in the editor when working on my space game... There are some other reasons I want to keep media on a per-project basis but I wont bore you with them now.





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