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So I'm making this simple pachinko game.


The basic gameplay is that balls will fall down hitting pins and occasionally triggering scoring areas that award more balls.

All the balls and pins are CSGs with, Physics Mode: Rigid Body and Collision type: Prop.

Right now the balls fall, hit the pins and simply roll off.

Is there a way to adjust the physics properties of the pins and/or balls to get the balls to bounce a bit more when they hit the pins? Or perhaps the change the gravity of the balls?

Thanks in advance!



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12 hours ago, SpiderPig said:

You may need to change friction values and lower the mass.

Seems using decimal mass values less than 1 improved the bounciness of the balls. I adjusted the value to .1 and the balls bounce around more instead of dropping like lead weights. I'll spare you the animation for now and post the game when its in a playable state. :)

Thanks for your help!

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