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Tie Viewport Modes to Keyboard Shortcuts

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Hello. I would like to see viewport modes, like 3D Perspective, Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, and Bottom tied to keyboard shortcuts. This way, when working with a viewport expanded to a single viewport, I could hit a keyboard shortcut to change it to another viewport. Yes, this can be down via right-clicking and accessing the Render View, but that's a lot slower than simply hitting a key. Many 3D modeling apps allow for this so that the end-user can work in one viewport. We already have a keyboard shortcut for switching between quad-view and single view, so adding this would really flesh out the editor, in my opinion.

I'm personally not a fan of using the function keys for this (like F12 to swap between quad and full), but will take what I can get. ;) Some 3D modeling apps use the number pad's numbers to represent different viewports, allowing the end-user to swap between them with ease. 

Thanks. :)

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