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Change Move, Scale, Rotate Gizmo

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Hello. I am new to the Leadwerks engine and am really enjoying learning it. Thanks for creating it!

My background is a 2D/3D artist, so my suggestion will come from that perspective. Currently, there is very little to differentiate the move gizmo from the scale gizmo from the rotate gizmo. The only difference I've seen is the move gizmo has the extra handles that allow you to move objects along two axis at once. The scale and rotate gizmos are identical. It would be great if the Leadwerks editor had three different looking gizmos for each of the three modes. As pointed out before, the scale and rotate gizmos both are identical with arrows at the ends of each axis line. But arrow heads don't really convey rotation. And it is not the industry standard to have arrows for scale, but boxes instead. It would be great if the gizmo would change as follows:

Move - same as it is now
Scale - Replace arrows with boxes
Rotate - Replace arrows with slight curves to indicate which direction you are rotating in


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