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Leadwerks is slowing down and sound start to lags when using accelerated OpenAL

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Found out some strange bug. Put 3 soldier in tight space in a map. Put player controller in the same room and change the health to 9999. Make all 3 of them shoots at you constantly by moving around (to avoid contact with them).

With XFI sound cards the sound will start to lags and missing and the fps will drops a lot (sometimes from 100fps drops to 10fps)

With integrated sound card  (without openal accelerated) this does not happens. (Or I didnt try it too long?)

WIth my headphones (Logitech g35). It does happens (sound lags and missing) but it will take longer times and the fps drop is not that severe compared to XFI. (Maybe different openal implementation compared to XFI ?)


Win10 64bit,8GB ram, 970gtx, Sound blaster XFI with 7.1 speakers.



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