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Adding animatons to existing mesh

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So, I have a mesh with lots of animations and I forgot to make 1 animation. How can I add new animation from separated fbx file? Like, maybe save it with that 1 animation, without mesh but with same Armature or what; and after that, what shouldI do with it, how to link it? 

I've tried to export armature with some keyframes without mesh, but Leadwerks didn't see any keyframes. And I can't fnd any tutorial about it. Looks like these are obvious things, but I can't figure it out. :( 

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Thank you, I have character.blend mesh with armature and keyframes, saved it as separated character_newanims.blend file only with new animations and mesh.

Exported character_newanims.blend as fbx character_newanims.fbx with mesh and armature.

Moved character_newanims.fbx to folder where in-game character.mdl is. (This created character_newanims.mdl)

Opened character.mdl by double clicking it in leadwerks assets. 

Chosed File->Load animations, selected character_newanims.mdl.


Well and then just extract animations. Thanks for help. 

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