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Creating Animated Characters.

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I looked in the forum for a few things about creating Lead Engine characters, but I did not find anything complete. So I would like to ask for help from someone who has done all the work of creating an animated character inside the Engine. I created the character, I have the animations, but now ???
I have already been able to add inside the engine, adjust the animations, but how do I make it ready for the user? With sounds, I have to create the sequences of actions "Flowgraph" and so on, thank you for the help.

* Sorry for my English, it's the fault of the Google translator. ^^Insert other media

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Our people, about a month from the post, and no one helps ... I need help with this to continue advancing my developments to Leadwerks. Has anyone done it, a character with basic animations and sound ... how can I do ?? Can someone give me a tip or tutorial, video on youtube ... any help will be very welcome!

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For animation

  • So you have your character in the model editor and can see all the animations playing? 
  • Next step would be to load your model in the scene via code or drag it in the scene.
  • You could for instance attach a script to this model and use the animation commands to play animation.
  • If you look at the FPS template you can find out how the crawler does animation. It basically plays an animation based on its current state.
  • Have you tried googling it? Because the first result is a youtube video. it is slightly outdated but should point you in the direction that you need to follow to start playing your character animation.


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Dear Aggror,

Firstly thank you for replying, I've been watching videos on youtube but videos very old and that did not help much and I continue with doubts.
How can you see my character is animated and with the sequences separated, this is very simple to do and now? How do I get him to walk in my direction? attack me die when your life comes to an end?

I used tools / BuildNavMesh, and I added the script "Monster.AI.lua" that made my character react when I enter his reaction area, but he is sliding, and attacks me uncoordinated, how do I correct these things?

Thank you!5a3a460cd689b_SemTtulo-1.thumb.jpg.2e0e53ce672dea63ed949fd383e95fa2.jpg

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53 minutes ago, psygnosys said:

How can you see my character is animated and with the sequences separated, this is very simple to do and now?

As your screenshot indicates, your character has animation sequences. You can play these sequences to test it out. 

The AI script plays the animation based on a given state. You probably need to edit the name of animation sequences in that script so that it matches with the animation sequence names of your model. Look like for lines like this:


For instance: your animation is called 'walk' .

53 minutes ago, psygnosys said:

How do I get him to walk in my direction?

I don't know the AI script out of my head, but i believe the physics character controller is probably setting you as a target, when the player is near the enemy. This means the rotation is handled for you by the character controller. The 'sliding' you are experiencing is probably because of the point above. It is trying to play an animation that it doesn't know. Try replacing it with one of your sequences.

53 minutes ago, psygnosys said:

attack me die when your life comes to an end?

The translation is a little difficult for me to understand here. Can you describe this one a little bit more? 

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The character animation should walk/run in place and not actually move. In LE, the horizontal translation is controlled by character navigation not by its animation. The way it is now will make the character constantly look like its sliding. Where did you get this from? If you got this from mixamo, one of the options when exporting animation is for the animation to be performed in place. Do that and your life will be a lot easier. Also, I suggest that you use a modeling app to scale the character to a proper height before importing in LE.

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