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The Cemetery
An entry for the Halloween 2017 Game Jam

Hello everyone,

After a month of hard work I finally finished my first game just for Halloween Game Jam.

It's a short adventure with a spooky theme. Definitely the game needs more polishing and could be extended to a bigger story but as we know we had only a month to complete our projects.


This is a third project I have had a chance to release with Leadwerks. The first two have been abandoned due to many reasons. This particular one wasn't created fast and smooth. I had many problems with crashes of the Leadwerks player and a wierd behaviour of the engine, like:

  • On some machines vertical sync should be disabled or the game crashes randomly
  • Game crashes if player has been killed by the monster with the MonsterAI.lua script attached to it (self.entity:SetMass(0) should be commented out in the player script as found on the forum (!))
  • Changing some object position on the map, save and run causes crash but only first time - next were fine
  • Suddenly the debugger stopped to work for me.

Anyway you're invited to check out this game. Have fun!

Here is the link to the game on Itch: https://rozen.itch.io/the-cemetery .






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Had some trouble entering main maps (after note). Tried 1280x720 with vsync of and that helped a bit. Ultimately it crashed and before that would flicker to black occasionally.  I have multi-monitor setup so it might have been an extra factor.

Good game though. Quite a complete effort, with the music and effects.  Good job.



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